Trevor Aarsvold Tattoo Portfolio


I’m a young artist looking to create custom, legible, saturated tattoos. I’ve been scribbling and doodling instead of paying attention in school since I can remember. I didn’t take art seriously until I was designing my own tattoo to get when I turned 18. After getting my first tattoo, I realized that I wanted to make my own tattoos. I started drawing designs for friends but, the tattoo artists they brought my line work to, just didn’t have the vision I had in my head. After a few months of watching my art get tattooed differently than I drew it, I decided I’d go to any lengths to learn how to make a well-done tattoo. I was bit by the tattoo bug, and now tattooing is all I ever think of. I apprenticed for two years under a 15 year tattooer, then worked at Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio for two years as a resident tattoo artist. All of my tattoos are executed with a bold outside line to hold in the detail, using traditional techniques to keep modern looking tattoos to stand the test of time.

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