Tattoo Artist

Matt Lawler

Born and raised in rural Iowa. My mum had a family of pet animals and dad worked on cars, so I had a good balance of interests growing up. I have been drawing since I can remember. I have always been an obsessive technical draftsman. I became interested in tattoos when a close friend started to get tattooed a lot. It was fascinating to watch these tattoos heal– the procedure was like magic. Once I got tattooed and was able to watch every second of healing, I was hooked and it was on! I have worked a lot of art jobs and jobby jobs. One job that helped me jump into tattooing and by far the most inspiring, was working as a caricature artist at Valleyfair. I was trained by Tom Richmond, caricature artist at Mad Magazine. I have been tattooing at Twilight Tattoo since September 2016.