Julie Freeland Tattoo Portfolio


I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. Being homeschooled afforded me the opportunity to always be enrolled in art classes. At 16 I started doing commissioned artwork, winning juried art competitions and participating in art shows and galleries. I started college with a focus on graphic design, and fine art. Not long after enrolling, I was approached with the opportunity to learn the art of tattooing and I dove head first into that and made that my passion and career.

Throughout my life I’ve been drawn to black and grey photo realism. I love drawing portraits and love the challenge of making it indistinguishable from a photograph. I was also heavily influenced by Dahli, and Alphonse Mucha and enjoy drawing decorative, illustrative and surreal artwork.

I enjoy many styles of tattooing such as realism, dot work, geometric, watercolor and neo traditional portraits. I strive for versatility in tattooing but I always lean toward more detail and realism with my own flare. I enjoy both color and black and grey work and do an equal amount of both. My goal is to never stop growing and learning as an artist, and I’m eager to tattoo pieces that will help me grow as an artist.

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